Fun With Silk Flowers

by MJG 31. January 2009 09:22

Check out this YouTube video for great ideas on how to have a little more fun, and perhaps even raise some money for charity, using silk flowers.

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Silk Flowers

Lori’s Pick of the Week / Freesia Flower Arrangement in Acrylic Water

by Lori 20. January 2009 03:41

Simple, yet vibrant and oh so pretty, this 24 1/2 inch tall arrangement of 36 beautiful Freesia flower stems in a crystal clear classic vase holds just enough acrylic water to give a realistic and classic look to this artificial flower arrangements.

Envision this statuesque arrangement as the focal point on your kitchen island.   Gather the family around and chat about the weekends events and even your 8 year old son complements you on the arrangement.  Now THAT is some arrangement if even an 8 year old notices!

As the year moves on you will see words like Gardenesque, Modern, Exotic and Classic to describe different flowers and arrangements.  This elegant Freesia arrangement falls within the “Modern” flower arrangement category and comes in red, cream, orange and yellow.

Combining the many assortments of artificial Freesia flower stems in colors ranging from white, yellow, orange, rust, orchid (and many more) with other arrangements will add texture and a kiss of fun.  I used to marvel at the live Freesia plants my mother-in-law displayed in her kitchen.  They always seemed so delicate.  Artificial freesia still have that delicate look but believe me they are very hearty and will last for years.

Vase Dimensions: 10.5" H * 6.5" W                                                                               Price: $231.38

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I would love to hear your comments on this pick of the week.  Good, bad or just plain ugly in your mind; all opinions are welcome.  If you would like to see one of your favorites from our website featured here as pick of the week just say the word.  Please use the comments link below and tell me what’s on your mind.

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Silk Flowers

Ultimate Baby Gift on the Cheap!

by MJG 10. January 2009 08:14

imageNot ready to drop $112 bucks on a Bloomers Baby Diaper Cake?

Why not construct one yourself to have the most talked about gift at the next baby shower you attend?

Start with a dozen silk flowers, a hundred disposable diapers, some decorative ribbon and a decorative platter so mom gets something out of it too. Still don’t want to spend that kind of money? Do like grandma used to do and wrap a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil and use that for the base.

The choice of ribbon and flowers will determine the “flavor” of your cake. Pictured above is a Groovy looking set of cakes using artificial daisies. You can give it a tropical or Hawaiian theme  by changing the ribbon and using silk gladiolas or faux hibiscus. You could go classic using some of our artificial roses or get the safari look using some colorful peony flowers. Mix some silk mums with a fun print ribbon and you’ve got a great modern look to your diaper cake.

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Silk Flowers

Flower Fashion Tip from Trend911

by MJG 8. January 2009 14:49

imageThe blog has this great tip about getting Scarlett Johansson floral the look for less

The interesting point of this post is in the shoes. Take your favorite silk flower, cut the stem off and hot glue the flower to a clip-on earing stud. After the glue has dried, you can snap it onto your shoes like you’ll see in the snap of Scarlett at left.

This technique is great for adding a little bit of spring to any outfit as you can apply your new flower clip to belts, headbands, backpacks, necklaces, or whatever else strikes your fancy!

Got any other ideas on how to kick up your fashion for spring with silk flowers? Drop us a note in the comments section below. We’d love to hear how you are using versatile silk flowers in YOUR life! 

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Silk Flowers

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